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Health Care Law


Our team of healthcare attorneys litigates disputes between health plans and providers, and between health plans and regulators. With years of healthcare litigation experience before arbitrators and juries, we offer the depth and breadth of expertise necessary to assist our clients through these challenging lawsuits.


Our litigators bring considerable knowledge and experience regarding the business of health care to every case.


We are uniquely positioned to represent health plans, health insurers, and other health care payors through the complicated regulatory and legal issues distinct to our clients, including licensing and compliance. Whether it is heightened government scrutiny or creative industry practices, we advise our health care clients to compete effectively in the complexity that is health care regulation and compliance.


The breadth of our knowledge and experience informs our advice in regulatory matters. As attorneys who have worked for government regulators, we know your industry and we know your business. 


We offer an exceptional capacity to represent health care clients in the regulatory setting, including challenging or defending against government regulatory action. With a wealth of experience litigating in the administrative forum, including attorneys who have worked for government regulators, we thoroughly understand the legal principles governing agency conduct that is so critical to successfully challenging agency action.


Our track record of success before state and federal regulatory agencies has established our attorneys as among the most accomplished in the area of administrative law and regulatory practice.

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