California Supreme Court Expands Discovery Rights in PAGA Actions

In Williams v. Superior Court (Marshalls), the California Supreme Court allowed state-wide discovery of Marshalls’ employees’ contact information, without the representative plaintiff first having to make any showing that his individual claims had merit or that there was a company-wide policy or practice that violated the law. In Williams, a Marshalls employee brought an action under PAGA for meal and rest break violations, among other claims. Early in discovery, plaintiff sought the contact information of approximately 16,500 Marshalls workers across California. The lower courts denied the plaintiff’s request for employee contact information outside his own store until after he had given

KLO Wins Unanimous Defense Verdict in Healthcare Whistleblower Dispute

Warren Hodges and Jeff Owensby won a unanimous jury verdict in Sacramento Superior Court. Kennaday Leavitt Owensby, PC represented a regional healthcare system that employs plaintiff in its local hospital. The case was brought by a technician employed by the defendant healthcare system. The worker asserted that her employer engaged in repeated acts of retaliation following her whistleblower-style complaints about equipment used in her department. The hospital disagreed with her view that any of its equipment posed any safety risk to staff or patients. Prior to bringing suit, Plaintiff had complained to state agencies, professional associations, and private sector organizations about her beli

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