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Cannabis Law


KLO attorneys assist growers, distributors, testing laboratories and vendors within the legalized cannabis industry to ensure compliance with the wide array of regulations that increasingly impact the Cannabis industry and other California businesses. We stay current with trends and changes to California regulations governing the Cannabis industry to ensure our clients comply with the latest requirements. 


Employers in the Cannabis industry face unique challenges to otherwise routine employment law issues. Our employment law team provides extensive experience advising California employers on complying with California's complex and ever-changing requirements, particularly as they apply to the Cannabis industry.


The possession, distribution and manufacturing of marijuana are illegal under federal law. State law, which may in some jurisdictions decriminalize such activity under certain circumstances, is superseded by federal law. Violation of federal drug laws carries serious penalties, with the federal government reserving the right to seize and seek civil forfeiture of real or personal property facilitating the sale of marijuana and money or proceeds accruing from such transactions. Although the U.S. Department of Justice has noted that an effective state regulatory system and a marijuana operation’s compliance therein should be considered in the exercise of investigative and prosecutorial discretion, its authority to prosecute violations of federal law is not diminished by the passage of state laws that may decriminalize such activity. Law or policy covering this industry may change at any time.

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